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The Story of Lynen

Sarah and Nana

Nana (my grandma) always wanted an embroidery machine. She talked about it for years and years. When she finally bought one, she used the machine for a few fun projects and then decided it wasn’t her forté.

So, Nana decided to give me her embroidery machine. She thought I could really “do something” with it. I’ve always been into fashion design and was working with a bridal designer in NYC at the time.

When the COVID pandemic shut down New York City in early 2020, I finally sat down and learned how to use this embroidery machine. I read the manual cover to cover and practiced embroidering on old tea towels that Nana had left with the machine.

Fast forward about three days and I had learned how to create my own designs and embroider them with the machine.

Fast forward another few days and friends had started requesting my embroidered tea towels for themselves and for gifts.

One thing lead to another and I started selling my embroidered tea towels on Etsy and in a couple of local boutiques as a side hobby.

In the fall of 2020, I lost my job that I loved and decided to scale this embroidery hobby into a “real” business.

I decided to name the business Lynen as a nod to my Nana, Lynda, who gave me the embroidery machine. Nana continues to be my biggest supporter.

 I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to use my creativity to bring fun, happy tea towels into your home.